2.4GHZ Wireless DMX512 Transmitter And Receiver

2.4GHZ Wireless DMX512 Transmitter And Receiver

Brand: COYO

Model No.: C-DMX512 W01

Certificate: CE,ROHS

Input Voltage: AC 100V/240V,50Hz-60Hz

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2.4GHZ Wireless DMX512 Transmitter / Receiver

2.4G DMX512 wireless Receiver/Transmitter
2X8 bit LCD to display working condition and parameter
4 grade power rate output for option.
126 channels jumping frequency self-moving,self-moving to option non-interfere frequency section, ensuring communication is reliable.
16 groups ID coding for setting,User can use 16 groups individual wireless net without any interfere each other in the same place.
Input Voltage: AC100/240V, 50/60Hz
Work Voltage: 9-12VDC 300MA MIN
Communication distance:400M(visible distance)
Working frequency:2.4G  ISM,126  channels
Max transmitting power rate:20dBm
Receive sensitive:-94dBm
DMX single terminal:3PIN male-female socket
Package Size: 18cm x 14cm x 9cm
Net weight: 360G

Establishing Communication:

Power on DMX512 wireless receiver/transmitter.
Press PRF UP to set transmitting power rate value, then press ID UP to set receiver and transmitter with same ID value.Pay attention, please use different ID value if you need use more than 1 group wireless net at same time in same place.
This equipment start to option non-interfere frequency section for transmitting signal data after received DMX signal data,receiver start to change communicate frequency section,then Indicator lights of receiver and transmitter will flash at same time,till received correct ID value.
Communication was established correctly then.



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